Lost Friends

To assist me in locating long-lost friends I will further identify myself and the places I have lived and worked, and then provide a list of old friends that I have not been able to locate. If you can provide information on any of them, or let them know how to contact me, it will be much appreciated.

My email address is don@chubrown.com.


My full name is Donald Edward Brown, but I have more commonly been known as Don Brown, Donald Brown, D. E. Brown, and Donald E. Brown.

Born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Attended Hawthorne Grade School and Washington High in Sioux Falls until 1952.

Moved to California in 1952, living briefly in Lawndale and Hawthorne, but then for several years in Manhattan Beach.

Worked at North American Aviation, in the Engineering Flight Test Lab (Dept. 56, Hangar 7), from '52 until '57, and then a few summers from '59 to '62.

Attended El Camino College part time from '53 to '56, then full time from '59 to '61.

Served in the Army from '57 to '59, with basic training and mechanic school at Camp Chaffee, then track vehicle maintenance school at Lawton, Oklahoma, and then a year and a half at Fort Knox in HQ Co., 3rd Bn, 6th Armored Cavalry.

Attended UCLA (anthropology) from '61 to '64, but lived in Santa Ana Nichi, Estado de Mexico, in the summer of 1963.

Attended Cornell University (still in anthro) from '64 to '69, but was absent for several months in London (SOAS and Public Record Office) and 15 months in Brunei (mostly in Kampong Lurong Sekuna).

From '69 to the present have lived almost continuously in Santa Barbara, California, employed by UCSB until California's financial difficulties allowed an early retirement in 1994.

I am the husband of Carrie Chu Brown, and the father of Barry Brown and Rosminah Brown, whose websites are www.barrybrown.us and rosminah.livejournal.com. I am also an orchid hobbyist.

Lost Friends

After retirement I went on a binge of locating long-lost friends (and relatives) and over the years have had considerable luck. But some have proved hard to locate. Among the still missing:

Jack Batey (not sure about the spelling). Probably lived in the South Bay area in the late '50s. Became an MD (I think). Married a woman who had worked at the Beach Broiler inHermosa Beach.

Gaylone Bauer. Attended Washington High with me. Attended Lincoln grade school.

Connie Dockrey (now Connie Brown?). Originally from Pawhuska, Oklahoma, but moved with her father to Manhattan Beach in about '56. Was at Mira Costa High 54-58, El Camino College in early sixties.

Ray Elliot (Raymond Elliot). Attended Hawthorne grade school with me. Last seen at South Dakota picnic in southern California in about 1953. May have had an elder brother named Forrest Elliot.

Lynne Higgins. Lived near the beach in Manhattan Beach in the mid-50s, attending Mira Costa High. Later studied nursing (UC Berkeley and U. Oregon?). 

Bob Kaneen. Attended El Camino and UCLA with me. A Spanish major? He was from the L.A. area.

Helen Mast. Lived in Manhattan Beach in the 50s and 60s. Former wife of Dick Mast, mother of Dan Mast.  (I know now that, alas, she is deceased.  But would still like to know where she was after leaving Manhattan Beach).

Richard Moench (Dick Moench? Not sure about the spelling of the last name). Was a med student at UCLA in 1961 ('62?), when we participated in a capsule experiment at North American Aviation.

Larry Mosher. Went to Mira Costa High in the South Bay area of L.A. in the early to mid-50s. Lived in or near the South Bay.

Lucien Rico. I found him then lost him again. Attended El Camino and UCLA with me, and taught French at a Loyola University in the Los Angeles area. He had immigrated from Algeria.

Donald Shields. HQ Co, 3rd Bn, 6th Armored Cavalry '58. Was from California (maybe Fillmore).

Burnell Simpson. Went to Hawthorne grade school with me.

Sydney Siegel. Was a med student at UCLA in '61('62?) when we participated in a capsule experiment at North American Aviation.

Joanne Steele. Lived in Manhattan Beach in the 50s. Probably had a degree in English (1953?) from Washington State U., Pullman. Had a sister named Barbara. May have gotten married in '57. Might have been a cousin of Larry Mosher (also on this list).

Everett White (nickname "Spike"). From New England (White Plains?). Discharged from the Navy in about 1954, and then worked in the Flight Test Lab at North American Aviation for a year or two. Lived with me in Manhattan Beach. Returned to back east and may have worked as a stock broker, maybe at the Stock Exchange.