Curriculum Vitae

Department of Anthropology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3210

Academic Employment

Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara
Full Professor 1980
Professor Emeritus 1994

Fall 1998
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Visiting Professor


1949-1952 Washington High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1952-1954 El Camino College, Gardena, California (part time)
1959-1961 El Camino College, Gardena, California
1961-1964 University of California, Los Angeles
1964-1969 Cornell University


1963 B.A. Anthropology, UC Los Angeles
1964 M.A. Anthropology, UC Los Angeles
1969 Ph.D. Anthropology, Cornell University


1963 B.A. with Highest Honors
1963 Election to Phi Beta Kappa
2015 Selected as WHS Alumni of Distinction

Field Research and Dissertation

Three months summer survey, Mazahua Indians of Mexico, 1963.

Fifteen months social anthropological research in Brunei (Borneo) on the Brunei Malays, combined with seven months of archival research in London on the history of Brunei.

Dissertation was an analytic history of change in the government and society of a Bornean empire-state, with special emphasis on the period after the middle of the 19th century.

Three months survey of socio-cultural impact of tourism on Bali, Indonesia, 1978.

Brief research visits to Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia in 1972, 1979, 1983.

Part-time research on ethnicity/race/gender in a university faculty setting, 1991-present.


Southeast Asia, especially Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Social and political anthropology, history, human universals, ethnicity and ethnocentrism.

Foreign Languages

Malay-Indonesian, Spanish, German.

Courses Taught

Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia (lecture and seminar)
Current ethnological theory (undergraduate seminar)
Political anthropology
Social structure and historical process (undergraduate seminar)
Social anthropology (graduate seminar)
Primate and human sexual behavior (undergraduate seminar)
Peoples and Cultures of Asia
Anthropology of History (lecture and seminar)
Field Methods (graduate seminar)
Anthropology of Tourism
Corporations and Society
Human Universals (lecture and seminar)
Human Nature (seminar)
Comparative Ethnicity
Psychological Foundations of Social Structure
Social Thought

Professional and Administrative Activities

Member, Borneo Research Council, 1969 to present
Editor, Borneo Research Bulletin, November 1973 - August 1975
Departmental Vice Chairman, 1974-1975
Departmental Chairman, 1975-1978
Departmental Acting Chairman, 1981, Spring and Fall
Member and Chair, Human Subjects Committee, 1979-1984
Acting Director, Asian-American Studies, 1986-1989
Member, Ad hoc Review Committees - Academic Senate, various years
President, UCSB Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa 1988-1990, 1996-1997
Member, Vice Chair, and Chair, Committee on Academic Personnel, 1991-1994
Fulbright Student Selection Panel (West Coast) 1991, 1992, 1999
NSF Review Panel 1992, 1993
Consultant, Ministry of Education, Brunei (5 months), 1994-95
Member, La Jolla Group for Explaining the Origin of Humans (1997-)


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Book Reviews and non-professional publications